One Fine Day in January

January 2020 has been full of surprises. Among those surprises, I am thankful that I was appreciated and chosen as the first winner for a national blogging competition held by Kamar Dagang Industri Indonesia (KADIN).

As a newbie in blogging, I didn’t see it coming. I started blogging since 2016 but never really took a serious note on improving my writing technique or blogging knowledge. After the Asian Games 2018, I committed that I will write more in order to improve my writing ability and synchronize my thoughts process. I am grateful that in my learning journey, I am given chances to taste how it’s like to win a writing competition after so so so long.

Blogging Got Me Here

Let’s not be naive, it was obviously felt great to be the champion. I always envy how the Minions or the Daddies won every Men’s Double match in Super Series and World Championship, I bet the feel of winning is addicted. I haven’t won any single competition nor becoming someone who won an award or scholarship for years (failure is my friend, y’all 😌). So this winning felt so extraordinary to me.

Alhamdulillah, all thanks to the Almighty

Actually, last year I won a blogging competition held by Jenius x BPN. It was my first blogging competition to win. However, today’s win is different. I was treated exclusively as a VIP for KADIN. I was given a special invitation to receive the awards directly from the Chairman of KADIN, Bapak Rosan P. Roeslani (words won’t do any justice on how ecstatic I felt about this!).

The announcement was a week ago and yesterday was the awards ceremony. It wasn’t a big ceremony (the Committee squeeze the Chairman’s agenda during a VERY important meeting for this celebration – which MEANS A LOT). I was picked up by a driver from my nest in Thangsel (yeahhh see you next week dear packed KRL πŸ‘‹πŸΌ), and although the traffic went for 2,5 hours from BSD – Rasuna Said, it still felt productive to be able to sit on the back of the driver while finishing my leftover tasks in my laptop.

As I arrived, I meet five other winners…uh..precisely, five other respected bloggers who came a long way to Jakarta from their respective region. There was Kang Masroer from Klaten (he is so famous for continuously win any blogging competition), mas Momo from Semarang (the hilarious one), Ardi Handayat (he’s just 16 years old!) and mbak Dyah Ayu Novitasari (mommy blogger) from Pekanbaru and mbak Susi Ernawati from Jepara. As a former Account Manager who used to handle local influencers, it felt so good to meet this local blogger who has a big passion for blogging.

From left to right: mas Momo, Ardi Handayat, mbak Susi Ernawati, mbak Dyah Ayu, and Kang Masroer.

We were waiting at KADIN’s lounge and enjoy the company of Mbak Utami Sulistiowaty from SWADigital who talked about this blogging project. We were told on how we were selected among more than 350 applicants. It was also hard work for the judges since they only have less than two weeks for the final assessment to choose the winner. I really appreciate their effort because they stayed on time for the announcement and schedule. Respect!

After about one hour, we were called to enter the meeting room. It was a room full of VIPs from what I read in KADIN’s social media. The Chairman was there…and he was so packed with the schedule. He was just receiving a visit from foreign ambassadors and joined a legislation meeting that lasts till midnight in the HOR. Today, he was on a very important meeting talking about certain regulations formula…but he took a moment to meet us and congratulate us directly in front of the VIPs!

That moment when my name was called as the Champion and people were applauding…to be honest, my heart was pounding. I don’t know why but it’s kind of a strange feeling. Maybe because I was so used to lose – I forget what it likes to win something πŸ˜…

I am so gonna ask Mom to print this picture, put it on a frame and hang it in her living room 🀣

The Chairman gave the Certificate and a statement of the prize and shook my hands. He congratulated me and you know what’s even thrilling??? He said, “Thank you for your contributions in writing about SDM Indonesia, I am thankful for that and I read your writing by myself”. I suddenly forgot how to breath and almost fainted, I actually wanna scream out loud. I was grateful that he mentioned that sincerely with a genuine gesture (pretend to be cool here 😜).

It’s More than Just an Awards

Aside from that golden momentum, there was more than just receiving an award that makes my day. It was the moment after that.

After the ceremony, we were gathered to have some lunch till the time for the drivers to picked the bloggers up to the airport. I was sitting in the same table with mbak Utami, mbak Dyah, mbak Susi, and Bu Aning Wulandari from KADIN while the men were doing Jumu’ah prayers.

Without we planned it, we were having a very fruitful discussion from the local culture, our professional background, and most importantly, the issues related to Human Resources development in Indonesia in regard to Omnibus Law which was spread controversy among labors lately. It wasn’t a light topic to be discussed, but Bu Aning and the bloggers were also enthusiastic to talk about their opinion toward the issues. We enjoyed having a talk for about two hours (or maybe more) and it felt so great afterward!

I become more and more understanding of the dilemma that our government has regarding these employment problems. It’s not as simple as providing more jobs opportunity or managing the minimum wage for workers. It’s way more complicated than that. It directly links with the overall global and national economy, the foreign direct investment, our citizen well-being, and family prosperity.

As someone who works in the area of Human Resources and Professional Development, I deeply relate to these issues. What I write in the blogging competition was just a tiny piece of the problem we need to address and take it seriously. We have bigger homework ahead.

Squad goals πŸ™‚

For now, I am so so grateful that I met this very passionate and thoughtful people who care deeply about the future of our nation. From the committed government officials to the stay-at-home mom, we have the same concern about this issue. After all, we want that no families are left behind, less unemployed and more people who use their empathy power to care for this nation’s prosperity.

It was a truly fine day, really.

I felt so content, grateful, and inspired. I wish that this blogging opportunity is just a start, an ignition to spark a bigger impact and share a more meaningful interaction with the people who has the same passion. Thank you Allah for today, for making this day too beautiful to be remembered β™₯.

Special Thanks

I wanted to give special credits where it’s due, to the people who inspire me during this blogging journey (ngahaha apalah gayalo cin dah kayak menang Oscars 🀣🀣🀣). It is for my Yeobo whom during our NYE holiday in Bandung are willing to be my discussion partner to write this blog. Also, to Icha my best friend (check her blog here) who encourages and inspires me to learn SEO and blogging. You know, I owe you guys proper dining πŸ€ͺ ***


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