About Cinta

Cinta Maulida Utami, or usually called Cinta (can I trademark my name? 🤪) is a Digital Storyteller.

I am currently a full-time wifey, a future Life Coach (coming soon!) and a Content/Digital Strategist for a Training & Consulting company based in Jakarta. Currently became a citizen of RRT (Republik Rakyat Thangsel) who enjoys listening to a podcast and sipping a cup of tea. Okay….now it sounds fancy.

What this Blog about?

Aaaanyhow, this blog mostly consists of pieces of my thoughts. Sometimes I write about lifestyles, sometimes I write about Personal Development, but most of the time I just write what I want to write…which are mostly talking about me.

Nope, kiddin!

I write what I think is important to be remembered and to be talked about. That is including products I’ve used, movies/dramas I’ve watched, books that I’ve read, events that I’ve attended and most importantly are social issues that are very close to heart.

I don’t usually do any endorsement but when I do, I truly use the product and review them sincerely. I think everyone deserves a quality piece of information for a healthier digital ecosystem (bye bye hoaxes!!!). I still welcome if you would like me to tell something about your product and services (if you’re interested anyways 🤪) and send your request through

Awards & Accolades

During my blogging journey, I am grateful that some of my writings were acknowledged and well-appreciated. This includes:

  1. Juara Lomba Jenius X Blogger Perempuan Network 2019 #Hari2Jenius
  2. Juara I KADIN Blog Competition 2020

(and hopefully the list goes on 🙂)


My opinions are entirely personal and doesn’t represent any company or organization.