The Forgotten

So lately, I’ve been thinking – and has not yet find the answer – of why we tend to take things for granted. Health, time, money, friendship, loyalty, trust, love. Something we have, something we get, something we forgot. We forgot that upon those blessings, there are greater responsibility lies behind.

I wasn’t talking about you.

I wasn’t talking about me.

I am talking about us.

Everyone did that. Intentionally, or unintentionally. Or consciously.  Or probably not. We forgot that every morning we wake up, it is the first and greatest blessings we receive. The health. The chance to make today better than yesterday. The chance to do something greater for our dreams. The chance to make up today for a pitiful yesterday.

We forgot about time. It never move backwards, it always and always leaves us behind. Every second that we spent is every seconds we never get back. We forgot that it is not only us, it is everybody’s. The time is not mine, it is also yours. It is not only me who has a dream to be pursued, it also you who has a mountain to be reached. So why are we keep breaking promises? Or pretend that we don’t know if you might also have greater to pursue? Or pretend that we didn’t understand that we have stolen someone’s time upon our own selfishness.

Friendship, loyalty, trust. It is so easy to get but once it broken, you will never get it back. Once we hurt somebody, we may be forgiven. But the scar last forever. Memories are not able to demolished. We forgot that we, too, are prone to heartbreak.


The power of love can survive the greatest battle. Love is gained with responsibility. We forgot that once the responsibility is forgotten, the power will lost. And sure, it hurts.

So, why we forget?

Or, do we forget?

Or…this is just the Forgotten..?

Feature image: Vanessa Serpas. Unsplash.

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