Hello, I am
Cinta Maulida;
a Career Coach,
a Corporate Trainer,
and Founder Teman Diskusi

How can I help you?

  • I help individuals in overcoming career challenges, navigate professional path with improved decision-making, confidence, and self-empowerment.
  • I specialize in creating engaging learning experiences for companies, NGOs, and communities, focusing primarily on Leadership and Communication topics;
  • I provide data-driven solution for market research and business growth.

How can we work together?

Career Coaching

This program is designed to guide you through your career journey, whether you're at the beginning stages, considering a career change, or embarking on your entrepreneurial path. Through coaching, we'll work together to help you reach your desired destination.

Training & Speaking

I design and tailor specific module to enhance leadership, communication, and professional development within your organization. Through engaging training and workshop, we'll elevate your team capabilities to drive performance.

Research & Analytics

I collaborate with skilled Data Analysts and Researchers to support business owners in making informed decisions. We are dedicated to providing top-tier insights into your company's performance, with a focus on business development and service excellence.


Rave reviews from clients

“I am so thankful for the opportunity to be trained & mentored by Cinta. She made me realize that I have so much to learn, especially in communication. Thank you for giving me guidance and inspiration.”


Le Thi Thanh

Mentee from Corteva Viet Nam THRIVE Program

“Mba Cinta.. Terimakasih… Saya sangat terbantu dan semakin yakin dengan apa yang saya lakukan bisa berdampak positif buat orang2 di sekitar saya…Mba Cinta mampu mendorong saya untuk berani bermimpi, berani bertindak dalam mencapai tujuan hidup saya… thank you so much Mbaa!!!!”



Cofounder of Profound, Financial Educator & Consultant